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Hey, you are a wonder! But deep down you knew this already. And now it is time for a bitter truth: I am a wonder too. An innocent passerby can ask both of us: why? And the answer is: we both are wonders because we can stand up upright without even noticing it. Three hundred muscles keep us effortlessly in a vertical position. In the millenniums of evolution we have perfectly adapted ourselves to the gravitational field of our planet Earth. We do not pay even the slightest attention to how these three hundred muscles work and we spend hardly any energy in keeping ourselves upright.


But, there is always a but… If we want to learn to play tennis and develop a decent and comfortable style we have to find the striking movements which do not interfere with any of those three hundred muscles. So staying in balance before, during and after the impact when the racket meets a ball becomes one of the utmost imperatives. Any number of forehands and backhands should not change the equilibrium. And of course we should invent the means to control this which may boil down to breathing techniques.


But if we concentrate on staying in balance and breathing then a new method is born. Hitting the ball over the net becomes not as important as developing a smooth and repeatable movement devoid of any arm correction. Of course, it will mean that our footwork must be improved dramatically. It is only logical. In tennis we hit the ball with our hand and arm. That is the most important part of it. Our feet do not encounter the ball. So is we adjust our footwork and give it the task of placing the body at an ideal distance to the ball, we are able to produce practically the same arm movement once again and again.


Ordering our body to come to an absolute freeze will only increase the chance of creating a stereotyped striking movement with no trace of correcting it.


By meticulously repeating the same stereotyped striking movement absolutely devoid of adjustments we can activate the good vibrations inside our bodies. It is then that we can start working on applying repeating of the stereotyped striking movement for the purpose of self cure. In fact we start relying on the resonance therapy. It is a method that improves the functioning of our inner organs by sending to them the healthy vibrations. When our organs get out of order, they start vibrating at a frequency which deviates from the normal vibrational pattern of the body. A properly executed repeatable movement can thus function as a pace maker initiating the right vibrations, blocking the bad ones.


Actually, sending the good vibrations to our inner organs also is coupled with the second heart. It is a well-known method advised by nearly all the doctors who proclaim: stay in motion. By merely moving we enhance the blood circulation with even the smallest blood vessels increasing the amount of blood being pumped to the most remote corners of our bodies.


Those are two methods which should applied by playing tennis and implying that not only it is important to send the ball over the net but also to use a repeatable and healthy striking movement.


In playing tennis as envisioned, i.e. by using a healthy movement which does not clash with the muscles effortlessly keeping our bodies in a vertical position we also enhance a third method – a psychological one. We all tend to indulge in endless dialogues inside ourselves which means that different sides of our personalities start communicating with one another. A well executed striking movement melts all of those various sub-personalities into a single and powerful one. A powerful process of psycho-synthesis (not psycho-analysis).


Not only these three psychosomatic methods are involved in this new approach to tennis but also an important biochemical stimulus as well.


Tennis can produce a feeling of bliss since, when under duress, our brain produces substances which can be called natural narcotics such as dopamine, adrenaline and the likes. So a tennis player enjoys a fine, elated feeling for prolonged periods of time. In pursuing the tennis prowess we become our own therapists.


That is why one may call this new approach self-healing, self-repairing.Thus a tennis player using the method of healing tennis can enjoy a break from the daily routine, restore his health, calm down and reinvent himself or herself.

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